For a Better Earth | Meet àplat

ROSE &  IVY Journal For a Better Earth Meet Aplat

One of my goals for 2019 was to really watch my environmental footprint. After seeing heartbreaking news about the havoc plastic is inflicting on the planet, I started making small changes at first. I stopped buying boxed salad greens, or bagged greens and always have a reusable bag in my bag. I also started composting religiously since I realized that the majority of my waste comes from fruits and vegetables. One way I need to improve is how I save leftovers and preserve food once it is in the refrigerator.

I recently discovered àplat and love what the San Francisco-based company is doing. Shujan Bertrand founded her brand inspired by the idea of families gathering together in France and enjoying food and wine. Aplat is a zero waste company, who incorporates surplus fabric from denim brands and does not use hardware, plastic or elastic in any of the pieces to allow for seamless use. The design is based upon the principle of origami and are perfect for carrying a casserole dish to a dinner party, baguettes from the bakery and covering serving bowls. Here are some of our favorites from the collection.