The Secret to Shiny Hair

If you are familiar with ROSE & IVY, you know that we sing the sweet praises of the powers of apple cide vinegar - we love sipping on it, toning our skin with it and splashing it on our salads.  Another useful benefit of this household product is the wonders that it can do for your hair, the one clincher? You have to deal with the strong acidic odor while using, which is why we are super happy to have discovered R+Co's new Acid Wash.  Packaged in an easy to use squeeze bottle, it works to rid the hair of build-up, calm the scalp and leave the hair super shiny, all without the smell of vinegar.  Instead, it harnesses Apple Fruit Extract (ACV) to add luster back into the hair, aloe vera juice and Tamanu Seed Oil to strengthen the hair and seal in moisture.

Our Take: We loved how this product acheived the same exact effect as rinsing with apple cider vinegar, but prefer it and its glorious slightly floral aroma.  Our hair was left super shiny, incredible soft (even after styling with heated tools) and has earned a place in our shower rotation to give hair an instant pick-me-up.  


Styling & Photography by Alison | Product c/o