Prepping for a Beautiful Spring

ROSE & IVY Journal Prepping for a Beautiful Spring

While spring might seem far away, now is the time to begin cultivating the dream of spring by planting bulbs. Maybe you are working with a balcony with a few boxes or have a full-on garden, get one last bout of fun in the dirt before winter arrives. While there are a myriad of varieties, we like to scope out the below to not only see what the current offerings are, but to also brush up on our knowledge.

Some of our favorite resources

Floret Flower | If you follow the Floret Flower on Instagram, you might have seen that they offered a free four week course about growing your own—tulips, anemones, ranunculus and dahlias. We signed up first thing! Founder Erin Benzakein walked you through the process from choosing the best varieties to planting and harvesting. We turn to her book, Floret Farm's Cut Flower Garden: Grow, Harvest, and Arrange Stunning Seasonal Blooms again and again for tips. Plus, they sell many different types of bulbs and seeds.

Brent and Becky’s Bulbs | A website offering an excellent selection of a range of bulbs for both spring and summer blooming. You can really experiment here because they offer different bundles, for example 5 bulbs for $4 or a bag of 50 bulbs for $35.

Flower Societies | We love perusing various flower societies, like the Tulip Society in England, which is a wealth of knowledge for anyone looking to learn more about this picture perfect bloom.

Dutch Bulbs | A panoply of flower bulbs from tulips to daffodils offered at whole sale prices. Here you can really spread your wings in the flower arena from fragrant narcissus to parrot tulips.

ROSE & IVY Journal Prepping for a Beautiful Spring

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