Skincare Essentials | Do You Use a Toner?

ROSE & & IVY Journal Skin Refresh A Toner to Pick Up Tired Skin

Editor's Note: Let's talk skincare. Do you use a toner?  Over the years, this skincare step has come in and out of my daily complexion routine. Flashback to my high school years, I used to have some skin issues that was a reaction to typical teenage hormones fluctuating.  I had pimples on my chin that moved up to my lower cheeks.  The answer that my skin needed after a few experiments was a toner.  Back then it was the Clinique 3-Step Skincare that was the answer to fixing my skin.  After that cleared up, I started to really explore other products and the toner step was eventually skipped.  As I have gotten older I have added one after double cleansing.  My skin is noticeably brighter and more radiant. Read on for a new toner on our radar! 

ReVive's Balancing Toner Soothing Skin Refresher offers benefits no cleanser can fully provide – removing excess oils and dirt from skin's surface without stripping of natural hydrators. It's cooling effect is ideal for lingering summer months.

ReVive's Balancing Toner includes the vital balancing ingredients of chamomile extract that soften and smoothes skins texture. Pores are less visible while your skin feels calmer despite environmental stressors. Apply onto clean, dry skin with a soaked cotton pad or several drops pressed into the palm of your hands. Sweep or pat and allow for full absorption, followed by a serum. We recommend the balancing toner for someone seeking a boost of moisture in their dry skin, while decreasing pore visibility.

ROSE & & IVY Journal Skin Refresh A Toner to Pick Up Tired Skin

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