Liquid Bronze | Two Bronzers to Help Soak-Up Summer

ROSE & IVY Journal Liquid Bronzers to Products to Try

Cheating the summer sun with liquid bronzers gives all the glow and no damage. Reaching for a liquid formula effortlessly diffuses warmth that sinks into skin while powders simply rest on the top. We're picking ones with multiple benefits for our skin, like SPF and Vitamin C.

Colorscience's Bronzing Perfector pumps out a silky, skin tone balancing primer to give face more warmth. We're set to bring this on our next vacation to even out the difference in color between our neck and face. You're apt to apply this across temples, cheeks, and the nose bridge. Follow up with a foundation to completely perfect skin tone, or leave as is for a soft, golden sheen. The primer also boasts SPF 20 to keep you protected from UV rays.

Perricone MD offers a No Bronzer, Bronzer in the No Makeup, Makeup line. The concept? To keep makeup looking unnoticeable while enhancing natural features. Its dropper applicator can be applied to the top of a synthetic hair brush or beauty sponge to sweep in hollows of cheeks. The formula is ultra moisturizing and buildable to a medium coverage. The tone is natural, not too warm or cool, and suitable to bronze or sculpt. Perricone MD's makeup is often benefited with SPF 30 and Vitamin C to add radiance and increase cell turnover. 


ROSE & IVY Journal Liquid Bronzers to Products to Try

Word by Payton Moore

Styling & Photography by Alison