Summer Bronzing Essentials with Clarins

ROSE & IVY Journal Bronzed Beauty with Clarins

Editor's Note: This week we are kicking off beach week at ROSE & IVY!  The 4th of July is around the corner and with it you can really feel the joyous energy of summer starting to kicking in.  Each day we will bring you summer fashion, beauty, food and other original and beautiful doses of inspiration to put you in the summer mood.  

Perfecting the summer bronze proves itself to be difficult amidst crowded beaches and harmful rays – we recommend diving into beauty that perfects the look for you. We’re looking for all the beauty the beach gives without the hassle of the sand, salt and sun, and Clarins does all the work for us. Their natural, fair-trade and plant based cosmetics provide us with the beachy, barely-trying look we’re loving for summer. 

Clarins Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint glides onto skin to boost a summer tan or add radiance when skipping the rays. Add drops to a cotton pad and brush over face, neck and decolletage to reach a rich, olive-toned glow. For a more gradual self-tanner, the Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel can be swept across legs, arms and chest for a sunless, healthy tan.

Amidst the heat, Clarins Light Lip Comfort Oil provides a sheer layer of shine and protection. No mirror required, gently sweep the wand across lips to add color minus the fuss of touching up. This lip oil provides ultimate moisturization post windswept afternoons. We recommend colors Red Berry and Tangerine for a wash of color that self adjusts to your body’s PH levels, bringing life back to your lips.

Words |  Payton Moore

Photography | Alison Engstrom