Get to Know Your Greens | Purslane, the 'it' Weed

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Having a diet that includes green vegetables definitely does the body good, which is why I am excited to kick off a series called 'Get to Know Your Greens'.  Eating healthy is very important around here, but I personally get tired of the same greens - kale, arugula,spinach.  While these are super nutrient dense vegetables, it is really nice to mix it up now and again.  Today we are beginning with purslane, a green vegetable or 'weed' to some, packed with so many nutrients that you should add it to your grocery list!

What it tastes like:

It has a slight tangy lemony flavor that mellows out when sautéed.  

Health benefits:

Purslane has more omega-3s than any other vegetable and also has high amounts alpha-linolenic acid, which is said to fend-off heart disease.  It is chocked full of Vitamin A (1 cup has 15% of your RDV) and Vitamin C.  It is also rich in minerals like potassium, calcium and magnesium, which keeps bones healthy.  

When to find it:

Late spring through late fall/early winter, depending on location. 

How to cook:

Sauté with garlic and olive oil until tender, or throw into a green juice or chop into an omelette.  

Interesting fact:

Farmers feed this green to chickens, which is why you might see omega-3 claims on some eggs.  


Information gathered from here | Photography by Alison