Welcome to ROSE & IVY Stories

ROSE & IVY Journal No.11


If you have followed ROSE & IVY since the beginning, you know that we started out as a digital magazine. I wanted to break the mold of what currently existed in online-only publications by covering topics that I didn’t see in existing mediums by curating fashion, beauty, travel and food, through a certain aesthetic lens. My goal was to eventually go to print—if you follow us on social media, you know we are mega fans of printed publications—but only when the time was right. We eventually made that transition and to our delight we won many design awards for the quality of each printed issue. If you haven’t seen or touched one, it’s more like a coffee table book with a silk touch cover and a gold foil logo.

We are a growing company and while I still believe in the value of holding a printed magazine, we are pivoting slightly. We are very happy to have devoted readers around the world—85 plus countries no less!— who enjoy our digital edition, but we know there are many of you that collect each edition of ROSE & IVY. So for you, we are launching. ROSE & IVY: Stories, an edited compilation of our favorite stories in Journal No.11. The 64-page magazine will be of the same quality and only available through our website. Thank you for your support and we are excited to share our latest edition with you all.

- Alison Engstrom, Founding Editor