The Object | Venus Potion


In the series ‘The Object’, we highlight our favorite objects that have caught our eye.

The Object

Venus Potion

The Brand

Wooden Spoon Herbs

Why We Love It

Tap into your inner goddess with this delicately, fragrant blend of flowers and berries, created by herbal brand Wooden Spoon Herbs and natural beauty expert, Shiva Rose. This potent tincture, enjoyed by adding droplets into water, is meant to bring out the sacred, feminine beauty within. The potion’s ingredients are lovingly, hand-picked and consciously sourced including red rose petals, schisandra berries, shatavari, and pink lady’s slipper—a rare and endangered orchid whose essence has been harvested without harm to the plant. Take a few drops of this sweet syrup daily to enhance and balance your divine female power and energy.

Where to Buy it

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Photography by Monica Picca