The Story Behind the ROSE & IVY Name

ROSE & IVY Journal The Story Behind Our Name

Naming a business or a brand is challenging because it becomes its identity, but coming up with the name for the magazine actually came to me very easily. I was sitting on my porch in Brooklyn and I had fragrant English garden roses blooming and English ivy meandering freely on trellis. Reflecting, these were the two botanicals that embodied the way that I wanted to feel at the time, both feminine and free. As time has gone on, I love the name even more. 

Walking through the Park in the dead of winter when all else is sleeping, ivy is ever present and still enlivening the world with its vibrant color. Roses, they are endlessly poetic, resilient and above all beautiful. 

Thus our manifesto was born. β€˜For the woman who is feminine and layered liked a rose. She is wild and free like ivy.’

Image by ROSE & IVY