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ROSE & IVY Journal Brand to Know | Fueguia 1833

If fragrance were a form of literature, than Fueguia 1833 would be pure poetry.  Founded by Argentinian musician and self-taught perfumer Julian Bedel in 2010, the brand was inspired by the art, music, history and natural beauty of his native South America. A former brand strategist, Bedel has forged his own unique path in the world of perfumery. He is involved in every aspect of fragrance development, from sourcing the highest quality materials to the design of the handmade packaging, which is created using wood recovered from fallen trees in the forests of Patagonia.

Each scent is crafted in his Milan atelier, drawing from a palette of over 1,200 unique ingredients, some derived from plant species never before used in perfumery, and all of which are sourced from Patagonia. To further enhance the quality of the natural ingredients, Bedel founded Fueguia Botany, an expansive 50-acre farm in Manantiales,Uruguay, where over 100 different plants are cultivated. While the fragrance market is currently dominated by mass-produced scents, Bedel aims to infuse some of the original artistry and exclusivity back into the process by limiting quantities in each batch—he makes just 400 bottles at a time of any given scent, and slight variations in ingredients due to weather and harvesting conditions mean that each batch is unique, like a fine vintage wine. “Sometimes, if we don't have a certain ingredient, we might end the production of a particular perfume because the quantity is not there, but then there are some batches that are in faster rotation than others," he explains.  "But since our fragrances are only sold in our boutiques, we can manage the distribution.” Each fragrance is made using biodegradable ingredients and is free from synthetic preservatives, dyes and phthalates.  Sustainability is another touchstone of the brand--a clear line of traceability is a requirement with all of its suppliers.  Fueguia 1833 now has freestanding stores in six countries, including their newly-opened New York City boutique, a polished jewel box of a space located in Soho.  Designed to be an immersive experience, the store features an Ingredient Bar with over 100 different materials so that patrons can explore the fascinating world of perfumery.

ROSE & IVY Journal Brand to Know | Fueguia 1833

Tonicos Botanicos

The brand’s new range of sensorial fragrances was developed around key ingredients known for their health and well-being benefits. According to Bedel, each scent was thoughtfully designed "to improve one’s state of mind simply from wearing it,” so feel free to spritz liberally.


Benefits This vitamin- and nutrient-rich tea delivers a dose of powerful antioxidants, which are said to protect the body at the cellular level.

The Scent An exhilarating blend that melds green herbal notes with intriguing leather nuances. 


Benefits A botanical that boasts anti-inflammatory, digestive and restorative properties. 

The Scent An uplifting green scent that immediately instills a sense of being in harmony with nature when applied onto the skin. An interesting note: this is the first time that this ingredient has been incorporated into a fragrance.


Benefits Derived from the bark of the towering copaiba tree, native to the Amazon region, copaiba is highly regarded for its ability to fight inflammation, reduce pain, heal the skin and lower blood pressure, among other uses. 

The Scent This subtly sweet fragrance has a resinous quality reminiscent of the golden sap that comes from the bark of the copaiba tree.

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Photography by Alison Engstrom