We Would Love Your Help to Support ROSE & IVY Issue No.09


At ROSE & IVY, we are avid lovers and believes in the power of print.  We are living in a day and age when the dynamic is changing and some are undervaluing the power of holding a physical object in your hands. Yes, print is expensive, especially when are you a smaller business and where quality is guaranteed and unparalleled.   

But we have some exciting news, Barnes & Noble has requested us to be sold in all of their stores - yes, that is over 700 locations! We are obviously very excited to share the beauty of the magazine across the country, but we are looking for your generous contributions to offset our printing costs.  See the incentives below, as a way to thank you.

A Peak into the Next Issue, No.09: 

We have so much goodness in store for you for ROSE & IVY Journal Issue No.09 launching in late April 2018.  Our cover star, a talented actress, and director appeared in a 2017 blockbuster hit and will be appearing in a major franchise movie in May.  We can't wait to reveal!  Plus, we profile women making their individual mark in fashion, beauty, design, and food.  


$5 to $24 - Receive a complimentary digital edition of the magazine, which retails for $5*. 

$25 to 50 - You will receive a complimentary copy of the next issue launching in April and access to all previous digital issues, which retails for $12. 

$50 to $100 - You will receive two copies of the magazine, one for you and another for a friend - the magazine makes a great gift, plus a digital subscription, which retails for $12. 

$100 to $250+ - Receive Issue No.07, No.08, and No.09, a set of our most beloved recent issues, plus unlimited digital access. 

*All prior digital editions have been free of charge; however, we will begin charging $5 per digital edition starting with Issue No.09.  
**All donors from $5+ will appear in the next issue of ROSE & IVY unless you would prefer to remain anonymous.

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