Beauty Find | A Mask that Seals in Moisture Courtesy of Circumference

Beauty Find | A Mask that Seals in Moisture Courtesy of Circumference

Around the time I turned 30, which was six years ago, I noticed a pretty dramatic shift in my skin. I went from an oily t-zone to dry practically overnight. Unlike an oily nose and chin, which can lead to pimples and such, dry skin can be quite uncomfortable, especially once the temperatues start to drop, it can get even more so, even with a skincare regimen that involves a serum, oil and cream. One way I have found to keep skin feeling supple and hydrated during this time of year is with a potent moisturizing mask, like Circumference’s In-Depth Hydration Face Mask, a brand we featured in the new issue of the Journal. We chatted with the brand’s co-founder, Jina Kim about why she started the brand, you can read the article here.

The Formula

Unlike a lot of moisture masks we have tried, we like this option because it has the consistency of a heavy cream.

The Ingredients

After one application, we like to leave on for at least 20 minutes, the skin just feels better and more comfortable. The addition of cold-pressed organic moringa oil, which the brand carefully sources from India, leaves the skin supple since it is high in oleic acid and can penetrate the skin. Cactus flower extract serves as a barrier between you and the environment keeping the skin protected and hibiscus flower extract gently sloughs away dead skin cells while simultaneously sealing in moisture.

Why We Love It

This product does its job and doesn’t leave behind anything other than total moisture. We have tried many moisturizing masks that after you remove them (usually by tissuing off), they can pill when you layer on your skincare treatments, like a serum or a cream. This mask is taken off with water.

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