A New Year | Celebrating the Season that Is

ROSE & IVY Journal A New Year & Celebrating the Season that Is

Happy new year! There is nothing quite like a fresh start and to turn over a new leaf and gather intention, excitement and a renewed sense of purpose for a new year ahead.  While we intended to post 'best of' content, you know the best of sort of thing that you can find around most parts of the internet between Christmas and the new year, we decided to completely unplug.  Not only until stepping away completely from all electronic devices (except for my camera of course) do you find more meaning in what you are doing, dream a little and reconnect with the art of just 'being'.  

Most sites kick off the new year with the canned content of 'do this to become your best self!', 'start this diet!', 'hit the gym hard!', 'don't swear so much!', you catch my drift right? Well, we don't want to go there. Not only because placing unrealistic expectations upon ourselves is a sure bet for backfire, but because we are embracing the new year with a sense of calm, peace, gratitude and joy.   I think those are the keys to living your best life, because with it comes all the other things, I mentioned above, we try to do when a new year begins.  

We are excited to kick off a new year with you here at ROSE & IVY, plus, we have some exciting things coming your way too.  May this year bring you all of your hopes and desires! xx


Photography by Alison