Beauty Talk | I Quit Using Dry Shampoo and Discovered Something Interesting


I had the fortunate opportunity to meet master hair colorist to the stars (among other dignitaries) Christophe Robin on two occasions, once in NYC and another in Paris when he offered to color my hair (pinch me moment for sure). We hit it off and talked for sometime about travel, flowers, food and of course hair health. One of the biggest revelations he shared with me was when he told me to stop using dry shampoo. He advised that it was actually making my scalp oilier. This meant the more I used it the more I needed it. Using this quick fix was so easy though, especially for someone that has drier hair and can be short on time, or ahem, a bit lazy . When we you need a lift all you have to do is spritz some onto the roots and voila, you are good to go. 

This summer I decided to take  his word for it and I tossed all of my half used bottles. I don't like wasting but I trusted him, he has a crazy passion and knowledge for hair all the way down to the molecular level. 

My Verdict?

He was right. Once my scalp reset itself, it was less oily and I was even able to maintain the same hair wash cycle (3 times a week max).

The Why...

Per Christophe, mentioned here, dry shampoo actually clogs your pores.  Your scalp ends up overcompensating and producing more oil.  

Image above, source unknown