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Over the summer, I have personally taken quite a few social media breaks - why? Because I am exhausted from it.  It seems like every other photo someone is trying to hard, barely wearing any clothes, sharing every.single.part.of.their.lives. Anyone else absolutely bored from it? I have been feeling so much so that I unfollowed about 50 people that do just that and felt so much better for doing so.  Recently on a shoot, I was talking about this, I actually didn't bring it up, but the younger people on set said it first.  Not only was I floored that a younger generation was saying this, but we got to talking about keeping some things a mystery - perhaps even this idea that the new 'sharing' will not in fact be sharing but rather keeping things a mystery.  

Imagine this - a world where we don't feel this need to share everything and for it to garner 'likes'.  Doesn't the thought of that just make you feel lighter? Being tethered to technology has its ups and downs, but I am curious, if children see their parents constantly sharing everything and self-promoting, how do you think that will ultimately effect them?  

But why go Instagram at all you might ask? While I have thought many times about going rogue and quitting it all together, the only reason R&I has an account at all is to share bits of beauty of the world around us. It isn't for likes and it isn't to show off.  

I go back and forth about personally being the face of ROSE & IVY.  My question is, does everything have to have a face or can a good product just speak for itself?  I guess deep down inside I don't want the pressure.  What are your thoughts on this culture of oversharing everything

Just some rambles on a Wednesday...

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