Do You Keep a Journal?

Do You Journal?

Thoughts on writing it all down

Do you keep a daily or weekly journal? I used to for years, particularly my high school days that were anything but a memorable experience.  I used to scribble down my thoughts and feelings about not really caring if I fit in, the boys I had crushes on, my family and other dreams that I had - I also used to write a lot of poetry.  

But flash forward nearly 15 years later (gulp!) and I really want to take this daily practice up again. While it will be MUCH more positive than those years, I think that writing things down can be cathartic and good for the soul.  Reflecting on the day, an event (big or small) will not only be something to look back on when I am older but also the small things that I might forget - like a funny story or moment.  In this digital world we live in sometimes it is nice to go completely analog and write some thoughts down.  Don't you think? So tell me do you keep one?