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Thoughts On Media

I recently took a much needed break from all types of media - political, news, fashion, beauty, health and I didn't realize how much I needed that space until I returned almost two weeks later. On my first Monday back into the swing of things, I went to my usual media outlets and felt a huge dose of anxiety, but I wasn't even reading about politics (that is a whole different topic), but it was one about health, beauty, fashion and I couldn't help but get a little disgusted.  'Eat this', 'Don't eat this'; 'do this', 'don't do this'....I literally felt that topics, ideals and unrealistic advice were being thrown at me from my computer screen.  Then there was a recent installment of a magazine's wellness issue profiling an oversaturated personality and right before they introduce you to their 'wellness section' there was an advertisement for cigarettes.  Hmmmm

It made me realize two things. First of how tired I am of being told how to live (what to eat, what is good, what is bad, etc)  and how I want ROSE & IVY to be a completely different space.  While I technically work in the media industry, I know for sure that I wouldn't ever want someone to read an issue and feel that way, like we are pushing an agenda or making you feel inadequate. Rather, I created the magazine to be a space that provides relaxation, beauty and inspiration.  xx

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