Mask Mondays | Belif First Aid 360 Eye Mask

A long day behind a computer screen. Forgetting your sunglasses on a long walk home. Pollution, irritants and harmful rays do our eyes no good throughout the day – though treating them to the benefits of a mask is often forgotten.

We're loving the Belif First Aid 360 Eye Care Mask for deep, thick hydration that penetrates beyond the damage of a strenuous Monday. The mask works not only to instantly quench but also to build resilience in Mondays to follow. 

Mimosa herb extract fights wrinkles through natural amino acids and antioxidants. Napiers original formula includes anti-aging, skin calming benefits. The detox formula flushes the impurities found in the delicate eye area to smooth and revitalize skin for a glow. The dark circle formula fights the battle against the dreaded rings from the long weekend – brightening and de-puffing for your most awake self.

Gently pounce formula with your ring finger (where you naturally create the least amount of pressure) and focus on the pressure points around the socket. Start along the upper rim of the eye, moving towards the nose bridge and inner socket to the outer corners. Creating small circles, massage and dab product to create an even layer thick enough to soak in over a few minutes. Allow for total absorption and follow with a cooling mist – you're ready for the week ahead of you.

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Photography by Alison Engstrom |Written by Payton Moore