Summer Cool Down | FOUR COLD BREW Coffees to COOL YOU DOWN + A Recipe

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Cold brewed coffee is the remedy to the watery aftermath of ordering your favorite hot drink over ice. And lucky for us, it's as simple as ordering online, or purchasing a bottle at your local grocer. Sipping a cold brew is the perfect compliment to a steamy, long afternoon to perk up you and your tastebuds. We tested out four popular blends that come pre-bottled, testing out their flavor notes and caffeine content. We also provide you with a recipe to craft your own brew overnight. 

Stumptown Original Cold Brew Coffee

They Say: Bright and sweet, the original cold brew that started the craze.

We Say: An ultra filtered taste that will have you hooked, hinting towards a bit of chocolate. 

ROSE & IVY Journal The Ultimate Guide to Cold Brew Coffee

Harden Coffee Kentucky cold brew

They Say: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe with flavors of cantaloupe, apricot and peach tea with a silky floral finish.

We Say: This delightful brew has a full-bodied flavor with a touch of fruit. A twist on the richness associated with cold brew, enjoy with a spread of artisan cheeses and french bread.

ROSE & IVY Journal The Ultimate Guide to Cold Brew Coffee

Seaworth Coffee Co. Single Fin Sludge

They Say: Strong, concentrated, low-acid with a lingering butteriness. 

We Say: Nutty enough to substitute as a dessert. Sip on this throughout a long afternoon in order to span out the four-times-the-normal caffeine content.

ROSE & IVY Journal The Ultimate Guide to Cold Brew Coffee

Slingshot Coffee Co. Ready To Drink cold Brew

They Say: Washed organic and directly sourced beans that change with the seasons. This summer, Slingshot offers an Ethiopian brew in an old-style designed bottle with a bright aftertaste.

We Say: A complimentary blend of floral and chocolate, this brew is effervescent and ultra refreshing.

ROSE & IVY Journal Four Cold Brew Coffees to Cool You Down

HOW TO Make Your Own Cold Brew According to Seaworth Coffee's Darren Peralta

Start by using your favorite whole bean coffee - either single origin or a blend.

Use 1 cup of coffee to 4 cups of water. Make sure your coffee is as coarsely ground as possible. Combine coffee and water and allow it to steep for at least 18 hours. You can steep it in your refrigerator or on your counter overnight, they prefer in the refrigerator.

Once you have given it that long slow brew it's time to filter. Find your finest filter, any filter will do, and filter your coffee and you're ready to go! You can go as far as filtering it twice.


Written by Payton Moore & Alison Engstrom

Photography by Alison