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ROSE & IVY Journal You Life Path + A Few Wise Words

Have you ever been on a path in life and you know deep down in your gut that it isn't right on every level, but yet you persist?  I have been guilty of this more than once.  Being aware is a start to taking positive changes.  Not only was I personally aware of the situation but it also just wasn't working out on any level either. I felt like I was compromising my integrity and priding myself on being truly authentic I felt fake and that I was betraying myself, day in and day out.  While working I like to usually stream some sort of motivational speech or podcast in the background.  I came across this video and the quote below literally gave me the chills.  

'You had your life focused on something that didn't belong to you and a path that didn't belong to you. You locked onto something that didn't belong to you.' 

Have you ever heard something at the exact moment that you needed to hear it? That was the case with this quote from Caroline Myss. I hadn't been aware of her prior but I plan on picking up this book very soon.  Right now I can fully say that the above was me, but no longer.  More on that later...

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