Decorating | Four Ways to Warm-Up a Leather* Sofa

ROSE & IVY Journal Ways to Warm Up a Leather Sofa
ROSE & IVY Journal Ways to Warm-Up a Leather Sofa sofas are usually the way to go in my personal opinion - if only from the looks of them you just want to sink into their softness.  Recently, the leather sofa has looked appealing from a design perspective, but not the chunky ones from the 80s (sadly, they are still around today!), but streamlined ones with more dramatic lines.  The shades to consider are deep navy and rich browns, but even still they need a bit more comfort to them.  Here are six ways to add that cozy feeling.  


Add unexpected warming textures 

Think wools and sheepskins with a unique feel from pillows to throw blankets 

Stick with Soothing Neutrals 

Shades of cream and white lessen the intensity of leather


Adding pottery accents lends a homey handmade feel


Another element to add a homespun feeling that also acts as storage

Looking for a sofa to call your own?  Article, West Elm (currently on sale) and CB2 have great options. 


disclosure: *We love animals, so faux is the way to go! | Image 1 source unknown, Image 2 via Corina Koch

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