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ROSE & IVY Journal Mask Mondays Wei's Mask Magic Sheet Masks

Editor's Note: I am excited to debut a new monthly column called 'Mask Mondays' where we feature various face masks that are on our radar - from the best sheet masks to the best brightening options.  

I have been an advocate of Chinese medicine since I discovered acupuncture and cupping about seven years ago.  My experience with both has been nothing short of bliss and the side effects are why I keep returning.  I feel more balanced, peaceful and to be complete frank, like utter mush,  after sinking into the table after getting a treatment.  I recently discovered Wei Beauty, a skincare line with the simple philosophy of 'where there is balance, there is beauty' and it is based around Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) paired with modern science.  The brand uses a powerful combination of herbs that have been harvested in the Yu Lan Forest and they also employ the 'farm to face' mentality when sourcing.The brand recently debuted a sheet mask set, called Mask Magic in the prettiest package with each being wrapped in a soft envelope. Read on to discover each of them. 

Yu Zhu Dewy Brilliance Sheet Mask

Yu Zhu, also known as Solomon's Seal has a storied history of giving moisture to dry skin.  This formula is rich in nourishing amino acids and Green Tea, which works to calm skin that is chapped, sunburned or just in need of some TLC.

ROSE & IVY Journal Mask Mondays Wei's Mask Magic Sheet Masks
ROSE & IVY Journal Mask Mondays Wei's Mask Magic Sheet Masks

Huang Qi Vital Action Sheet Mask

Huang Qi, or Astragalus, is a regenerating herb that aids in maintaining a complexion that is soft.  This cocktail of herbs includes free radical blaster, Green Tea Leaf and Chinese Foxglove to lessen the appearance of wrinkles.  This option is ideal for those wanting a pick-me-up for the complexion. After application skin looks healthier and more vibrant.  

Dang Gui Deeply Nourishing Sheet Mask

Dang Gui, also known as Chinese Angelica Root or 'female ginseng' boasts a wealth of nourishing properties.  It is also formulated with Jujube fruit which calms and soothes the skin and Goji Berry Extract that promotes luminosity.  For those dealing with the tail-end of winter, this mask does wonders for the skin.  After removing it, you skin looks brighter and more rested.  

ROSE & IVY Journal Mask Mondays Wei Mask Magic

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