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For the Global Foodie

For the person on your list that travels far and wide for mouth-watering food.  They are inspired by various cuisines and thoroughly research a destinations food scene months before stepping foot in their destination. Chances are they have a growing collection of cookbooks inspired from chefs around the globe. We have rounded up our favorite picks for the 'Global Foodie', who in all fairness probably one of our dear friends.  They like eating in Michelin starred restaurants to hole-in-the-wall establishments ( they know it has the most authentic dishes), but they also like to cook in the comfort of their own kitchen. Here is the R&I gift guide for the 'Global Foodie'.     


Palestinian Table by Reem Kassis, $25

For those on your list whose mouth waters when they hear the words hummus, falafel and haloumi. 

Transport them to Greece

ROSE & IVY Journal Celebrate the Season Gift Guide Transport them to Greece

Greece: The Cookbook by Vefa Alexiadou, $36

Consider this your bible for Greek cooking. With over 700 pages (yes, that is right), author Vefa Alexiadou takes you on a culinary journey through Greece from more remote locations in the north to the islands in the Aegean and Ionian Seas.  This comprehensive book teaches you that traditions and ingredients are still relevant from centuries ago like olive oil, figs to wine.  She lays down the basics with for staples like phyllo dough to even making your own marzipan.  The chapters are divided by category including soups, legumes, poultry and a sweeter side of cakes and cookies. This might be second best to booking a flight to Athens.    

Spice Trekkers Wild Oregano

Harvested from the rocky terrain of Chios, Greece, this variety of oregano grows wild in the region and compliments feta and other traditionally Greek dishes.    

Spice Trekkers Dionysios Wild Herb Blend, $8.50

Exclusively harvested and blended in Chios, Greece by the Dionysios family for Spice Trekkers. This herb mixture grows wild in the mountains and adds a burst of flavor to pasta, spanakopita or Greek salad.   

Spice Trekkers Greek Salad Dressing Spices, $7.25

Add a dollop of this herb blend, which includes oregano and marjoram to olive oil and lemon for a standout Greek salad, or dust on meat or fish before grilling.  

Spice Trekkers Tzatziki Spice Blend, $7.00

(for those of us who do not have the luxury of living on a Greek island year-round, where fresh herbs grow all year long)


All they need FOR The Perfect Paella


Paella is a staple food in Spain, in fact each region has their own rendition, whether that be seafood in the south or meat varieties up north.  Give them the foodie on your list a taste of Spain with their very own paella kit.  You can build it using the items below. 

Princesa de Minaya Saffron, D.O. La Mancha, $16.95

Grown and harvested by a small family owned farm in southern Spain, a few threads of saffron will heighten the flavor in any meal.  

Pimenton de La Vera Trio, D.O. - Sweet, Bittersweet & Hot, $18.95

Add depth of flavor to any Spanish dish, like paella with this pepper trio housed in pretty tins.

Calasparra Paella Rice, $9.95

Stainless Steel Paella Pan, $60.95

Public Supply Notebooks in Embossed Fuse (yellow), $16 each

For the writer, the note taker, the idea maker in your life - give them a notebook that is design forward and inspiring in and of itself.  If you take notes on food when traveling (we do!), then this is a great idea, but is also great for anyone in your life that likes to write things down.

Public Supply Hex Pencils 12-Pack, $12

Pencils are nostalgic, especially in a day in age where practically everything is done on a screen. Give this polished set from Public Supply, in addition to the notebooks below, which will encourage moments of reflection. 




Sicilia: The Cooking of Casa Planeta by Elisa Mundani, $25

Anyone who has ever visited Sicily will tell you the food is to die for.  It's where Italian comfort food was born like arancini stuffed with cheese is fried to golden perfection, eggplant is treated like a king and long strips of pasta simmer with the sweetest tomatoes possible . This book takes family recipes passed down from generations from the Palenta family, a well-know vintner family. .Each recipe is ranked by difficulty on a 1 out of 5 scale.

Eataly Taormina Gift Set, $79.80

Transport a lucky person on your list to the tranquil coastal town of Taormina. This bountiful gift set includes many specialties from the area including chocolate from the Baroque hillside town of Modica to pistachio cream from Mount Etna.  

Set Includes: Pistacchio Cream by Scyavuru, Red Orange Modica Choc by Sabadì, Anchovy In Olive Oil by Agostino Recca, Eggplant Caponata by Frantoi Cutrera, Primo Organic Evoo by Frantoi Cutrera, Eliche Gigante Carta Paglia by Afeltra and Trapani Sea Salt by Il Mercante di Spezie all packaged inside of a pretty Eataly gift box.  



ROSE & IVY Journal Celebrate the Season Gift Guide The Gift of Iceland Nordur Salt

Top to Bottom: Smoked, Regular and Licorice

ROSE & IVY Journal Celebrate the Season Gift Guide The Gift of Iceland Nordur Salt

Top to Bottom: Rhubarb and Blueberry

Norður Sea Salts, $25 for two

We fell head over heels for this flaky sea salt when visiting Iceland earlier in the year.  This sea salt is the perfect finishing touch to a salad or sprinkled on top of a chocolate dessert.  Harvested from hot springs and Arctic water, this salt is enviromentnally friendly, because it is hand-raked, which doesn't require any electricity. In a variety of flavors, we love the regular sea salt sprinkled on dishes to finish them and the flavored salts, which are completely natural, like blueberry and licorice to enhance our favorite desserts. 


ROSE & IVY Journal Celebrate the Season The ROSE & IVY Gift Guide For the Global Foodie Callie's Biscuits and Dori Greenspan Short Stack Butter

Callie's Charleston Biscuit Mix, $14.00

Anyone that has ever traveled to Charleston will tell you that a visit to Callie's Charleston Biscuits is in order.  Every morning a line forms, with locals and visitors alike, to savor buttery biscuits pulled straight from the oven. There delicious goodness melts in your mouth. Now you can make their signature biscuits in the comfort of your own home, thanks to their baking mix.  Served alongside jam, get ready to enter into pure brunch bliss.

Lodge Cast Iron 3 1/2 Inch Pan, $6.00

The cutest cast iron pan that we ever did see that makes the perfect sized scrambled eggs that can be topped on a bagel, English muffin or for full-blown decadence, a Callie's Charletson Biscuit! 

Short Stack Editions Volume 30: Butter by Dorie Greenspan, $14

Isn't everything better with butter? 



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