A Week of Reflection

So much has happened in a week. Running a lifestyle site and magazine that is dedicated to covering inspiring and beautiful content it can be hard to strike the balance between posting an image of a something fashion or food-related or talking about what is going on in the world.  Between wildfires that have caused massive destruction and uprooted lives to the situation in Puerto Rico and Las Vegas.  Sometimes it feels like it is all too much, like where do you even begin? There are many organizations that you can donate to including the Red Cross or the Humane Society.  

I also want to touch upon the disgusting acts and accusations of people in 'power', particulary the harrasment that goes on on a daily basis that often gets ignored, whether that be sexual harrassment or bullying.  It really makes me sick.  I obviously don't believe everything I read, but the accounts of Harvey Weinstein speak to a bigger problem, especially in the corporate world. I have worked for many companies that seem to thrive on creating these toxic environments that include hostility, intimidation and fear. In the corporate world did I get get sexually harassed? Maybe.  At a previous job when I found myself not flirting or responding, to a man in management's flirtation or disgusting winks. The result? He started tearing me down to my former boss.  Everything I did was overtly critiqued, while the woman around me that seemed to like flirting got a lot of praise.  It was disgusting. He was disgusting.  Then there is the bullying that exists to create a sense of intimidation by those in powerful positions.  That is an entirely different post for a different time.  I think that this has started a powerful conversation to something that.must.stop. Thoughts? 

Photograph by Alison