A Natural Approach to Beauty

ROSE & IVY Journal A Natural Beauty Approach

Ever since I was little, I was obsessed with watching transformations.  If there was a makeover show, I was definitely watching it.  This was awhile back, when various shows basically madeover someone that needed an 'update' to their beauty regimen and wardrobe.  I still am fascinated with the process and have found myself getting sucked into watching makeup tutorials on You Tube. Truth be told, it isn't because I like the way it turns out.  I am flabbergasted how many people are aiming to look like a certain reality tv show family.  They take a pretty face and turn it into something that is almost manufactured.  It completely confuses me! 

Then on the flip side there is the 'nonontouring' look, otherwise known as not piling on the makeup and just looking like, well, yourself. This is a good thing! This is my personal approach to beauty, accenting your natural features with products to make you feel confident and pretty.  Is anyone with me on this one?   

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