Introducing ROSE & IVY Journal Issue No. 06 + Pre-Order Your Printed Copy!

ROSE & IVY Journal Issue NO. 06 Launch

I am thrilled to introduce you today to the digital edition of ROSE  & IVY Journal Issue No. 06!  The print issue will be following in one week.  You can pre-order it here!  I am incredibly proud of this issue, the collaborations and the content.  Each issue is filled with passion with the goal to inspire you. ROSE & IVY isn't about telling you how to live your life, it is about inspiring you to live a beautiful life.  

I am so proud and thankful for the content in this issue. I have profiled different individuals that I have admired for a very long time, like Kim Ficaro, Gentl & Hyers, Veronica Beard to name a few.  Plus, new favorites like Elizabeth Kennedy.  This issue we take you through beautiful Andalucia, a peony oasis and many other special stories.  I hope that you treasure everyone.  Thank you for your support!  Cheers!


For this issue I would like to thank my incredible designer Monica Picca, who dedicated so much time to make sure that everything is utterly perfect. I couldn't do the magazine without her!  Ana Tess, a wonderful NY-based stylist that assisted on many of the shoots that you find in here.  Evgenia Sizanyuk, who wonderfully photographed the feature on Lana Kova (she was also Issue No. 05's cover girl).  Janie Dulaney, who provided her creativity and copy editing skills for many of the features.  James Milligan for lending his amazing makeup and hair talents, Leah Fromm for doing the same.  Tina Lezh, who lended her beauty for the cover and Kseniya Bazhenova for also being an amazing subject.  Finally to my husband, John, who shows patience, love and puts up with the craziness of running a magazine.  

*Photograph by Alison

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