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ROSE & IVY Journal The Benefits of Unplugging

I will be honest, before my recent vacation, ahem, work vacation, I was feeling pretty burned out.  Too many hours looking at a screen, day after day.  My hands were practically getting carpal tunnel! I was tired of hearing about the scary political situation, who was doing what and where on social media. I wasn't feeling very inspired, no matter how hard you try it is scary to think how much our phones have become an extension of ourselves. For me, it is almost an addiction to constant visual stimulation.   So for ten (glorious) days, I decided to steer clear of all screens, except the one on my camera and just reconnect with nature and the beauty that exists in real life.  I didn't answer emails and I posted on Instagram only once a day. Let me tell you, it felt great and now I feel great!  

I love ROSE & IVY with all of my heart, but after working for almost two years on it, non-stop, it felt nice to take a step back and get my creative juices flowing again.  After all, I am not a machine, but rather a person that uses a machine to get work done.  So tell me, do you ever take breaks? If you don't I recommend it. I truly think that your mind, body and spirit need time to recharge.  

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