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ROSE & IVY Journal Being Old Fashioned in a Modern World

The world moves quickly. That is a given. Just when you think you have the latest electronics or fashion trend incorporated into your wardrobe it quickly gets kicked to the curb when something else even better makes its debut. There have been many movements, especially on social media to hault this fast paced, can't keep up with you world. The slow living trend has been gaining traction and quite rightfully so. Shouldn't we take the time to savor a meal? Connect with fiends and family in a real time setting and put our electronic devices down?

Over this past year I have made an effort for quiet time. I have mornings that I dedicate to reading before starting the day. But as the day sets in I begin to realize, we live in a connected world that you cannot deny. We can get anything or anything we want delivered, people can do our work and you don't have to even talk to people in person. Plus, people share everything. I mean everything. My question is, is this a good thing? Anymore, I think not. I am proud to say that I am old fashioned gal in a modern word. One disclaimer, not in the way of political points of view, for that I am liberal, but for everything else, yes.

Running a business you have to be 'social'. Being an introverted person, I have always had a problem with sharing really anything and to be honest, I still do.  I was the only person in high school that didn't have a Facebook page and I truth by told, I still don't. I think that some things should be kept to the imagination. Must we document everything? Must we share every single solitary detail of our existence, good and bad? Are we becoming so consumed in other peoples lives that we forget to live our own? There is a fine line between sharing and oversharing, even on a business level. Do you ever feel that people and brands are just pushing and pushing to you to 'try this, do this' or even worse, 'I am here and you are there' feeling.  

So tell me, do you think that all of this over-sharing is a good thing?


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