Happy Friday + Printed Journal Update

ROSE & IVY journal The Garden of My Dreams

Happy Friday! Boy, what a week it has been.  I want to give you an update on the printed edition of ROSE & IVY Journal Issue No. 05. Running a business, it is constantly a learning process. I am defintely not naive, but when someone gives me their word, I usually will believe it.  Yes, there is a lot of trust involved, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt.  The process of bringing the magazine to print has been a very difficult one, particularly with the partner that I chose to print with, delays, excuses, it has been a joke (to be 100% honest). I was supposed to have the final product at least 2 weeks ago to give to retailers.  Frustrating can't even begin to describe how I feel.  Have I learned? Yes.  But while frustrated, it has only made the fire burn even more so about my passion for this magazine.  I cannot wait to share the print with you. Each page is super luxurious and I want you to be consumed and inspired.  That being said, it will be available next week to purchase right here, as well as point of sales around New York City.  

I am always thinking, ideating and dreaming about what to create next for the magazine.  So, when I saw this editorial for this pastoral dream in England, I immediately felt inspired, something I needed after feeling so frustrated.  Just look at the fog floating over the sculpted topiaries, isn't it a dream?

If there is one piece of advice that I can leave with you before the weekend, it is to fight for what you are passionate about in life, because in the end, it will be so sweet when you achieve your heart's desire.  xx

ROSE & IVY journal The Garden of My Dreams

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