How Do You Bounce Back from a Set Back?

Today, let's chat about being resilient.   Until last year, I personally was never good at bouncing back when something went wrong.  Actually, I won't lie, I used to fall to pieces.  I was so hell-bent on something happening and when it didn't or something went wrong, I usually didn't know how to handle it.  But over the years, through trial and error and learning through life's many experiences I learned to be more resilient when things went wrong.  Through years of self-inflicted suffering and realizing that I don't want to suffer (it is really bad for your health) I have chosen happiness.  I try not to attach my self-worth to things or situations any longer. I have learned to sway with the breeze.  However, I recently had a pretty large set back that made me feel like I had taken a few steps backwards.   I was treated very unprofessionally and for some reason I took it to heart.  I felt down about it for over a week and with that came a zero inspiration, creative ideas and little motivation.  Running a business is hard work, so is dreaming big, but with both there will inevitably be set backs.  What matters is continuing and not stopping, especially when it is just getting good.  Here are a few things that I like to keep in my back pocket when something like this happens.  

1. While something might not have worked out that you so badly wanted, something good is just around the corner.  This is important to know.  After this large set back, something really good happened. Life fluctuates, you just need to be nimble and not dwell on the negative, which brings me to my second point...

2. Focus on the positive.  While something negative might have happened to you, realize that there are so many positive things around you and in life.  Don't let someone or something define your happiness or stop you from accomplishing your dreams.  

3.  Give yourself at least 30 minutes to be mad/upset/angry/confused, etc and then move on.  Negative energy is bad not only for you, but interferes with any good energy that is trying to move your way. 


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