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ROSE & IVY Journal How Do You Apply Makeup

We live in a very voyeristic culture, everything from what we wear, to what we eat are on full display.  There are a few things that I am always naturally curious about that aren't really shared, the first being what people have in their cart at the grocery store.  I love to see what people buy and eat!  The second is how people apply their makeup.  I have been applying mine the same way for years, pretty much since I started wearing it.  Skincare steps are pretty much the same, but I am interested, how do you apply makeup?  Typically, I apply eye makeup first then move on to the rest of my face.  My approach to makeup is that I wear it, but it looks natural.  Most people say, 'you don't even wear makeup', but oh, I do! Here is my new routine below and the products that I am loving at the moment.  

Here is my makeup routine:

1 ) Apply toner, serum and moisturizer with SPF

2 ) Foundation applied with a  brush, applied all over including eyelids

3 ) Spot apply concealer, mostly under the eyes

4) Define eye brows

5) Apply eyeshadow, mascara

6) Brush-on highlighting powder on cheeks, cupid's bow and bridge of nose

7) Apply blush


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