A New Year | 2017 Reset

ROSE & IVY Journal 2017 Reset

Happy new year! Did you have a (hopefully) restful break?  The start of a new year feels as if you are taking in a huge gulp of the freshest air and letting out and letting go of everything else. Over the past ten days I have completely disconnected from all types of 'noise' (social media I am looking at you) and it feels good and right.  I feel more settled and centered when I am not distracted. Recharging your batteries in a creative field is a must and it is hard to do so with so much commotion and comparison around you.  

I am excited for what is to come this year.  Personally speaking, 2016 was a year of progress both personally, professionally and spiritually.   When you can look back at a year in awe, you get such a great feeling in your heart.  I thought I would share some personal intentions for the year, since I don't believe in resolutions.  

Live More Mindfully and with Intention 

If it doesn't make me excited with passion, I will not proceed.  If there is one thing that I have learned, life takes turns that you might not expect. I dedicate myself to living passionately and compassionately to inspire those around me. 

Practice Self-care Unequivocally 

Why are we always last on our own list? Running a business is hard work and takes dedication and perseverance that you cannot imagine. I oftentimes forget about 'me'.  I have been working on over the past few months taking small actions like relaxing (something I am not good at), slathering myself with a rich body oil and inhaling the aromas (this is my go to favorite right now, it smells like wet earth) to making a delicious and healthy meal and truly savoring it.  

Organize, order and happiness 

This might be a funny one, but i am quite possibly the most unorganized human being, when it comes to organizing things! While I don't believe things make you happy, I need things (read props, boards, etc) to bring to life ROSE & IVY.  My mind just doesn't work in order, rather, it responds to creative chaos, as I refer to it.  This past week I went after the R&I prop closet and eight hours later (yes, eight hours) I finished.  I had been putting it off for a very long time, but it was getting to a point of just disfunction.  Now it is in order and I feel so much happier, one because I can find things and two because it breathes an air of calmness.  

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