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ROSE & IVY Journal Get to Know Veronica Beard Fall 2016

Undoubtedly one of my favorite things about ROSE & IVY is meeting people that I have admired from afar for a long time, so it was quite amazing to meet Veronica Beard designers Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard.  Their story to success was quite inspiring, plus, I love how they work so closely together to create and execute their vision.  Read more about how the brand came to be in the latest issue of the Journal's 'Designer Details' feature.  Also, some bonus questions below!  



Favorite restaurant in New York City?

VSB: Il Cantinori,

VMB: Babo,

Favorite place that you have ever traveled?

VSB: Home in NYC.

VMB: My heart is in Europe, but Tibet was very cool.

Favorite beauty product?

VSB: I am obsessed with Vintner’s Daughter, she is a friend of mine that I grew-up with. Whenever I put it on my face, it feels amazing.

VMB: I have been using Dr. Perry’s NightThyme Facial Moisturizer, which is a mix of glycolic acid, vitamin c and licorice extract.

Favorite time of day?

VSB: Morning

VMB: Night

Favorite Veronica Beard moment?  

VSB: Opening our store that was the scariest thing that we ever did.

VMB: We put it off for a long time.

VSB: It was the dream of dreams.

VMB: It has been a great experience - retail is where it is at.

VSB: What is great is that we can control everything and it can live and breathe as the brand, which up until now, we haven’t been able to control, except for our website.

VMB: My other favorite moments are when you look down the street and you see someone wearing a piece from the collections.

Do you ever say anything?

VSB: I do, I introduce myself and thank them. 

VMB: Or, if you see a celebrity that bought it - it takes my breath away.

ROSE & IVY Journal Get to Know Veronica Beard Fall 2016

Styling by Ana Tess | Photography by Alison Engstrom

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