What's Your Personal Motto?

ROSE & IVY Journal What is Your Life Motto?

Over the past six months, I have adopted a motto, 'live the process' It might sound a bit strange, maybe not even that motivating to others, but let me tell you why it keeps me going, especially when it pertains to starting a new venture.  For starters, building a business is hard work, but it is also the most rewarding thing that I have personally ever set out to do.  Oftentimes, when you begin anything new in life, worth working for, you can only want to see the destination oftentimes known as success.  Coming from someone that for the longest time I was only focused on where I wanted to end up, rather then the steps in between. I have realized that is detrimental to achieving anything! So when it comes to ROSE & IVY, I am enjoying the process and every little step and milestone that comes my way.  The steps can be pretty unglamorous, like schlepping garment bags in taxis or the subway or whether I am running around the city dropping things off, picking things up, etc.  It is hard work but every errand, everything I do is accounting for the whole and my mission for the Journal, which makes me so happy. A few people have asked me how I do it, especially since I have some restrictions when it comes to my health.  I tell them my motto and I usually get a 'go girl' type of response, which makes me laugh and smile at the same time.  Not only am I 'living the process', but I am 'loving the process too'.  

P.S. Happy February!

ROSE & IVY Journal What's Your Life Motto? Live The Process

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