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Over a year ago, I had coffee with my friend Lauren who told me that she was in the initial stages of creating a beauty brand.  Being a beauty product fanatic, I was deeply intrigued.  Well, just over a year after our meeting it is officially here, Onomie. The philosophy is simple and something that I can get behind - serious skincare meets modern makeup.  The brand has rolled out with two key products focusing on the eyes - Bright Concealing Elixir Clinical Dark Circle Corrector and A.C.E Illuminating Eye Treatment, both boasting clinical results.   

Once I hit thirty I noticed one annoyance, dark circles under my eyes.  It wasn't because of lack of sleep or diet either.  The under eye area is home to the thinnest layer of skin making it susceptible to puffiness, circles and, ahem, signs of aging.  I have been wearing both items for over a month and I truly have noticed a difference in the area under my eyes. Read more below about each:

Bright Concealing Elixir Dark Circle Corrector - This concealer is a true miracle worker.  It glides on effortlessly and instantly brightens.  Formulated with botanicals like Alfalfa Extract and Brazilian Ginseng, it works to minimize dark circles in 8 weeks (there are tests to prove it!).  

A.C.E Illuminating Eye Treatment - I admit, I am the worst when it comes to eye creams, perhaps this is the reason why I have circles to begin with; however, I love using this treatment because of the mousse-like consistency.  This formula brightens immediately, thanks to the 10% of Vitamin C infused inside, which not only helps to correct current 'issues' but also to prevent future damage. When used in tandem with the corrector things are definitely looking up.  


Photography by Alison  / Products thanks to Onomie.

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