Celebrate National Lipstick Day!

ROSE & IVY Journal National Wear Lipstick Day

There are some funny 'national' days out there, I found a website that lists them all, but truth be told I haven't really jumped on the bandwagon, it seems like out of 365 days almost everything has a day dedicated to it.   However, I am making the exception with National Lipstick Day, today July 29th!!  I am a profound beauty junkie, so anything to celebrate the color that I put on my lips, I am all ears.  My favorite colors are usually in the red family, from deep crimson to a softer berry.  I really don't need another reason to love lipstick more, but a day dedicated to it makes me giddy.  Read below for some of my favorite shades right now.  

Pictured from Left: Tom Ford Crimson Noir Lipstick / Lancome Color Design Lip Color in Red Stiletto / Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Love that Red (one of the best red lipsticks shades out there) / Lancome Color Design Lip Color in Red Haute

ROSE & IVY Journal National Lipstick Day