Idea | Mint Ice Cubes


Happy hot Monday from New York! While I prefer being anything but cold, I have a few hard winters in the Northeast to thank for that, I don't mind the heat if there is access to something refreshing.  It could be in the form of a chilled room, a nice scoop of ice-cream or an iced espresso (my favorite).  I love putting fresh mint into my water and since my mint plant is overflowing, I thought about freezing a few springs in a giant ice cube.  Not only did the mint stay green for over a week, but it was a great way to cool off over the weekend when temperatures were in the 90s.  

Mint Ice Cubes

Large ice cube tray, I like this one

Fresh Mint

Place water into tray, add mint. Freeze until frozen.  Enjoy!

Styling and Photography by Alison