Summer Living | Five Tips on Feeling Free

rose & ivy journal 5 tips on feeling free

The summer months call to mind a state of freedom and that glorious feeling that anything is possible.  Long sunny days and balmy evenings can call to mind those days as a child when you were out of school, could stay up late and spend limitless hours outside.  I would categorize myself as a free-spirit, a wanderer and dreamer, something that I have been since I was very little, some might have called it 'la-la land'.  As adulthood set in and the responsibilities that go along with it,  I have always struggled on how to balance this inherit characteristic of mine with the demands of daily life.  When I don't feel tied down, I am incredibly inspired and come up with my best ideas, not to mention I am at my happiest.  Some people get this idea of being 'free' while others have a hard time understanding it, perhaps it is the type A personalities out there that I have come across.  I need levity in my life and to have a sense of lightness and to know that anything is possible.  Here are some ways that make me feel carefree:

1. Book a trip, to near or far | Not only will exploring somewhere new ignite your senses, but the excitement of discovering anything different from your day to day routine is good for the mind and body. Think of those times that you go on a vacation -  there isn't a deadline in site, you might not have access to the outside world and you are free to do as you please.  I am convinced that even two days away is good for the soul.  

2. Unplug, completely | I think we might all suffer from some sort of social media dependence. What I have found to be true is that when I am not concerned about checking social media, mine or the people that I follow, I feel lighter and happier.  I can just exist in the moment without having to worry about capturing every moment, but rather enjoy life at an analog pace.  

3. Spend at least 2 hours outside a day | Fresh air does the mind and body good.  Being inside is something that I had to get used to when I landed my first corporate job.  While I had jobs in high school and college, there was more flexibility which meant more free days that I could spend outside, in the park or at the beach.  Even if my schedule is hectic, I always try to sit outside for at least an hour a day to relax in nature, even if it is in a city park.  

4.  Exercise | This might sound like a strange way to have a feeling of freedom, but nothing makes me feel better than when I put on my sneakers and go for a run or bike ride outside.  Feeling the the sun and wind on your face makes you feel alive and carefree. 

5.  Cater to your introvert or extrovert self | I am an introvert, which I used to think was a bad thing, but now not so much.  Oftentimes when I am alone with my thoughts I feel happier and like anything is possible.  To cater to my introvert ways, I spend a day by myself whether it be wandering the city, photography, going to a coffee shop or museum.  Taking a day for myself, when I can go at my own pace makes me feel like I am a free bird.  If you are an extrovert, I hear you are the exact opposite.  Being around other other people makes you feel at your best, so tap into social activities that make you feel alive.  

rose & ivy journal tips on feeling free

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