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ROSE & IVY Journal Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Holiday week has arrived here at ROSE & IVY and I personally couldn't be happier.  The past few years I just couldn't seem to get smitten with an abundance of holiday cheer, but this year I am incredibly excited just to celebrate the season.  Over the weekend the holiday songs of Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong were abundant, especially as we decorated our tree (that patiently waited on our porch for nearly two weeks!).  

So what will you find this week? Well, I don't want to spoil it but there will be something that are delicious for sure.  Today I am excited to begin with how I will be wrapping presents this year. Typically I don't pick a theme but this year I have been inspired by birds.  I came across them in the flower district here in New York and figured that wrapping presents was the perfect was to incorporate them.  

Also, this year I am going to incorporate gold bells, artificial feathers, craft paper and dried red berries to add a different festive spin.  How are you wrapping your presents this year? 

ROSE & IVY Journal Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas
ROSE & IVY Journal Wrapping Presents Ideas for the holidays

Where to Source:

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*Styling and Photography by Alison