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ROSE & IVY Journal Holiday Velvet
ROSE & IVY JOurnal Vevlet Dresss

I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving holiday! The break felt so nice just to hang out in Brooklyn before the hustle and bustle begins of the season.  

If you know me you know that my favorite show of all time is Seinfeld.  I quote it all of the time, that show was one of a kind! And knowing that tidbit of information you know that one of my favorite quotes is by George when his date tells him, 'you can drape yourself in velvet for all I care', his clothing 'fantasy' if you will. I completely agree with that phrase especially if you are referring to this dress worn by Yasmin Sewell, it is a stunning dress from the color to the details.  Below are some of my picks for velvet pieces that will get you holiday ready in no time.   

ROSE & IVY Journal Holiday Velvet
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