Fall Essential | Leather Jackets + THE 4th ISSUE OF ROSE & IVY JOurnal Launching 10.13

ROSE & IVY Journal Fall Essential Leather Jacket

Once fall begins there are two types of people in New York when it comes to outerwear.  First, there are the resistors, the people that refuse to accept the cooler temperatures.  They wear sandals and a jacket is never on the menu.  Then there are the fast convertors, they fast forward and pull out the puffy jacket and wool scarfs way before it is time!  I fall somewhere in between, why I know that the warm temperatures are gone, I cannot even think about adding such heavy layers, that is where the leather jacket (preferably faux) enters the picture.  It is the perfect transition layer.  Here are some of my favorites right now!

Also, mark your calendars, the 4th issue of ROSE & IVY Journal will be launching Tuesday, October 13th!

ROSE &IVY Journal Fall Essential Leathe rJacket
ROSE & IVY Journal Fall Essentials Leather Jacket
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