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I am excited to debut a new column here on ROSE & IVY called 'Words to Live By' where I will share moving quotes to inspire in all areas of life.  The first one is a quote by a very unexpected source, Jim Carey.  In passing I had heard a portion of the second quote below from a graduation speech that Carey delivered to MUM, a conscious-based education (yes, something like this exists) that fosters an idea of consciousness through meditation and mindfulness.   I decided to research to find the entire speech and I was blown away. I had no idea that a man known for his outlandish comical roles had such a side of moving depth to him.  I learned he is also a painter.  I listened to the entire speech a few times to fully understand what he was saying.  Something about it really spoke to me.  

He talked about this idea of letting the universe know what you want by simply asking for it.  For the longest time, I personally was telling the universe what I wanted and it rarely seemed to comply.  But little did I know that this isn't the best option.  I was inspired by what he said about asking for it, then work towards it and not worry when it will actually come to pass.  Wow, yes.  

To get a little personal, I always wanted to work in publishing. I had internships in college, I was passionate, but life and the (awful) job market took me elsewhere.  It pushed me here, it swung me here and I felt this large sense of emptiness, burn-out and lack of fulfillment.  I wanted to work on sets, I wanted to create things, but looking back it wasn't the right time, but oh, I wanted it so badly.  Back then I hadn't even picked up a camera, because my high school photography teacher told me I wasn't good at it, like I said before I had believed him.  I always knew I loved light, I loved beauty and beautiful things and before I purchased by first camera I took mental photographs with objects and vistas that drew me in.  

Long story short, thinking back I never really asked the universe for anything.  I said I want to do A, B, C and D by X.  I had to take personal steps towards achieving things in life, rather than just dreaming up some sort of reality in my head. I had to physically make the strides to become who I want to become and do what I want to do.    I wouldn't be where I am right now if I had not decided that I want to capture beauty through photographs and share them with the world.  I finally opened that door in my head to start an online magazine and finally the door has been cracked!  I feel that for the first time I am in harmony with the universe letting it guide me versus me telling it what I want it to do and when. I haven't been more fulfilled or happy.  

I encourage you to read the entire speech here or watch it here, it is really inspiring.  

ROSE & IVY Journal Words to Live By Jim Carey

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