Beauty Resolutions | 2015


1) WEAR LIPSTICK EVERYDAY - I must confess that I probably have more than 50 lipstick tubes of every hue in my apartment.  This year, it is my goal to wear lipstick everyday.  So far it has been a success, with just one swipe I immediately feel put together and ready to go.  My new rule is 'don't leave the house without applying lipstick', this way I can hopefully make a dent in my growing collection! Some of the shades that I love in my collection are: LE METIER DE BEAUTE HYDRA-CREME LIPSTICK in Rose Garnet and BITE BEAUTY LUMINOUS CREME LIPSTICK IN VIOLET

2. EYE CREAM IS YOUR FRIEND - Once I hit 30 I noticed that the area under my eyes was not as it was in my 20s, partly because I stopped using eye cream.  I am not sure why, but this year, I am out to get rid of the dark circles.  The eye cream that I am loving right now is the TARTE MARACUJA C-BRIGHER EYE TREATMENT.

3.  ESTABLISH A BEAUTY ROUTINE - When I was fifteen I landed my first job at an upscale makeup store. It was at that age that I rigourously began a skincare routine - cleanser, toner, moisturizer were on repeat in the morning and at night.  I continued experimenting with beauty products of all sorts well into my college years and while I still am a beauty junkie through and through, I am starting to map out a weekly routine where I use a mask and scrub, two vital components to having a uniform complexion.  Right now I am using  BLISS MULTI-FACE-ETED ALL IN ONE ANTI AGING CLAY MASK in order to deep clean,  FRESH SOY FACE EXFOLIANT, to slough-off dead skin cells and  BOSCIA ALUMINIZING BLACK MASK to help with my skin's clarity.  

4. INVEST IN A GOOD BODY LOTION - Body lotion is one of those things that I typically do not invest in, typically I use a homemade oil or Kiehl's Creme de Corp Body Lotion.  This year I am going to invest in a body lotion that aids in evening-out the complexion like FRESH SUGAR ACAI AGE-DELAY BODY CREAM.


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