A Clean Plate | A Turmeric elixir and Healthy eating Goals


I definitely consider myself a healthy and conscious eater, but my goal for the new year is to be even more so.  I am not vowing to be some fanatical eater like some people where they won't touch gluten or dairy because of some sort of fad diet, because frankly I love good food entirely too much.  However, since I was diagnosed with MS six months ago, I have made a diligent effort to be aware of what I am putting in my body, for fear that it might lead to more inflammation. To help me along, I have put together some healthy eating goals for 2015.  To begin, for the past 3 weeks, I have been drinking a turmeric, mandarine and carrot potion every morning and have noticed a dramatic change in my complexion. Before, it was a bit dull and now it has been glowing.   Turmeric is a yellowish-orange root that is a power-house full of health benefits that is found in curry dishes and gives mustard it's hue.  Related to ginger, consuming turmeric reduces inflammation in the body (some studies show that it works just like ibprofen) and can reduce the risk of cancer, lower cholesterol and even increase metabolism.  While I like the occasional green juice, I have found that this one is very easy to drink because it is more concentrated and the combination of the citrus and carrot makes it easier on the taste buds.  Another added benefit is that this drink isn't prepared in a juicer, but rather swirled together in a blender keeping all of the nutritional components in tack.  Below I have listed some of my healthy eating goals for 2015.  Do you have any ways that you are trying to be healthier in 2015?

For another healthy and refreshing drink chocked full of nutrients try this recipe for Honey & Ginger Switchel


Turmeric, Mandarine and Carrot Tonic

5 inches fresh turmeric*, peeled 

2 Satsuma mandarines, or 1 orange peeled

2 carrots, peeled

Directions: Place turmeric, mandarines and carrots in a blender, preferably a Vitamin if you have it. Add 1 cup of cold water.  Blend until completely puréed.  Drink immediately. 

*If turmeric root is unavailable, powdered can be substituted using one tablespoon, just add more water if needed. However, it is best with the root!


Really read every label - This is the first step towards clean eating.  I was actually shocked when I started examining labels and realized that foods I thought were healthy had preservatives (canned beans, mustard, ketchup) and other additives like calcium chloride, a food stabilizer (found in foods like organic canned tomatoes) that were not necessary to create the product, just to extend it's shelf life.  One great example is pasta with some brands having such a long list of what is inside that you have to be a chemist to understand what is inside.  Pasta should only have a few ingredients after all - flour, eggs and salt.  I have adopted the rule, don't eat anything packaged if it has more than five ingredients.  

Make your own when you can - This seems like a lofty goal, especially as I am spread too thin to begin with but I have found that soaking dried beans, making my own broth and dressings might take some time, but taste just so much better and you know what goes inside of what you are eating.  

Aim for five vegetables a day - I have been on a kale kick for months and I eat a lot in one setting, but I am aiming to get a more diverse vegetable offering in my daily diet.  I would love to experiment with vegetables that I typically don't eat like jicama, collard greens (I have read they are the 'new' kale) and purslane and reap the benefits of trying something new.  



Recipe, styling and photography by Alison