At the Market | Quince & Quince Scones

Rose & Ivy At the Market Quince

I loved discovering new fruits and vegetables.  Frequenting my two favorite farmer's markets on the weekends allows me to do so, whether it be an exotic Japanese green vegetable that I have never heard of that boasts a multitude of healing properties or a type of fruit that will be perfect eaten as is or incorporated into a pie.  Today I am reintroducing a series from Heart of Gold called At the Market where I incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables into delicious recipes.  

Quince, an ancient fruit that has existed for thousands of years, is a type of fruit that I was always unsure of -  the only variety that I have ever purchased are the delicate tree blossoms that arrive in early spring.  Recently while rummaging through wooden bins of apples I was taken over by a sweet aroma stemming from the quince bin.  A vibrant green fruit, resembling that of a pear, is covered with a white fuzzy outer layer.  Unlike other fruits, quince is best incorporated into jams, it is very high in pectin or into a recipe, since it can be too acidic to eat raw.  I opted to incorporate them into scones, since this time of year nothing pairs better with a hot cup of tea on a cold day.  When coated with sugar, the quince takes on a subtle sweetness that is not overpowering.  Next time you have a  tea date on the calendar these scones are the perfect compliment to an aromatic tea.  

ROSE & IVY Quince Scones
ROSE & IVY Journal Quince Scones
Ros & Ivy Journal At the Market QUINCE
ROSE & IVY JOurnal Quince Scones
ROSE & IVY Journal Quince Scones

Photography & Styling by Alison Dulaney-Engstrom

Recipe adapted from Martha Stewart's Buttermilk Scones