Introducing ROSE & IVY Journal

Lady in Waiting , Photographed by Tim Woo

Lady in Waiting, Photographed by Tim Woo

Today is a very exciting day, after six months of hard work and determination sustained by a strong passion and will I am excited to introduce you to Rose & Ivy, a new quarterly lifestyle journal. Each issue is filled with inspiration in the world of style, beauty and food all with a refined point of view.  With shoppable content, each page is designed to engage the imagination with pieces that will take you through the season that is ahead.  In the premier issue we are inspired by still life - the mood, the dramatic light and the beauty of shape that embodies the season of autumn. 

After almost four great years of blogging at Heart of Gold, I am excited for this new venture and for all of my readers that followed me here, thank you. The Rose & Ivy blog will have similar content as the Journal including musings in style, beauty, food, travel and photography.  This week I will be posting twice including moments from the creation process but next week it will be full-speed ahead with daily posts.  To learn more about my creative process and inspiration stop by Victoria McGinley's blog.  

But first I would like to thank my husband, John, for not only believing in me but being supportive when my nose was in my laptop and when flour and flowers were wrecking havoc on our apartment. To my family and friends (Christi, Nuria, Michael and Michael to name a few) that have always believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself.  Monica Pica for advising me in the layout portion and encouraging me.  Tim Woo, Elsa Bustamante, Cheryl Fazio and Alexis Androulakis - you guys are amazing.  My fellow blogging friends like Albertina Cisneros who I told about this crazy idea that I had in the summer and for supporting me.  And to Heart of Gold readers, thank you for following me here and for supporting me always.  I am excited for what is ahead!



Pears, Photographed by Alison Dulaney-Engstrom

Pears, Photographed by Alison Dulaney-Engstrom

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